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After couple of years on vim on a daily basis, I wanted to dig on the :help command in order to customize my vim.

:help filetype
:help script
:help plugin

After reading a couple of help commands, I noticed that writting a plugin for vim is really easy and straightforward.

So I just dive into the code for an easy first plugin. I’m typing all the command “:tabnew ~/.vim/snippets/.vim" in order to customize my snippets, then when I come back to my first file, I call ":call ReloadAllSnippets()" to reload them.

For those of you that are not familiar with the term snippets, maybe you should go official snipmate website and github of snipmate for installing the bundle snipmate.

After that, I just type my first plugin in the file : ‘~/.vim/plugin/edit_snippets.vim’

And this is the result file :

function EditSnippets()
    if !exists("&filetype")
        echom "error, no filetype found"
        echom "need to open : ~/.vim/snippets/".&filetype.".snippets"
        execute ":tabnew ~/.vim/snippets/".&filetype.".snippets"