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Hey Pony lovers!

After doing some very interesting sysadmin with Debian, LXC, etc. I was, sadly, confronted to common problems about third services (email, file system etc.).

Because I’m slow on the project, I decided to migrate to some robust, and approved system from Django community.

Today, we migrate to heroku!

Heroku is a SaaS, that already has some Django applications working on. It uses LXC, Gunicorn etc. cedar stack for django!

My feeling about it after 2 days

I successfully deployed a Django applicatoin, with the common features (static file on AWS S3, email handled by gmail…). It was very easy, the documentation is clear and simple, and the community is already pretty big.

If you’re a dev heroku is a great tool

I really like deploying a Django application to heroku, and feeling secure about all the common tasks: backup of the databases, supervisor of services…

I spent most of my time into my, but to the end, I have no difference between my production environment, and my development environment, thanks to virtualenv, and pip :)