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setup gitolite

Gitolite is a git repositories manager, based on the SSH authentication to know the permission of the user.

It can be painful to install it if you don’t know how to manage your SSH connection.

A good advice is to read the man of ssh_config.

Working station

Create two ssh key:


In order to have a clean installation of gitolite, create the hosting user.

useradd -c 'gitolite host user' -s /bin/bash -m -d /gitolite -U gitolite

Then login with the gitolite user, and add ~/bin to your $PATH.

# get the software
git clone git://

# install it
gitolite/install -ln

# setup the initial repos with your gitolite admin key from your workstation
gitolite setup -pk


Now from your workstation, you can try to log into the host with a command like:

ssh -i ~/.ssh/ gitolite@HOST

You should have an output like this one:

Authenticated to XXXX.XX ([XX.XX.XXX.XX]:22).
PTY allocation request failed on channel 0
hello XXXXXX.id_XXX, this is gitolite@XXXX running gitolite3
v3.6.1-0-g3455375 on git

R W    gitolite-admin
R W    testing
Connection to XXXXXX.XX closed.
Transferred: sent 4384, received 2592 bytes, in 1.9 seconds
Bytes per second: sent 2317.8, received 1370.4

The basic setup of gitolite is done.

Clone the gitolite-admin repositories into your workstation using the same gitolite ssh key.

Create and manage your repositories/users

Adding a user

To add a user, add the key into the keydir of the admin repositories. Commit, and push the key. Gitolite on the host side updated the keys :)

To test the new user, try to log into your host (always with the gitolite user), but with the new SSH key. You should have an output with hello arkadefr, this is inside.

Adding a repositories

Same as for the user, update the conf/gitolite.conf, add a repository, then add the file, commit and push. Gitolite creates the new repository on the server side.

You can now clone it with your user SSH key, and will see that everything works as expected.

Thanks for the attention ;)