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You want to setup a blog quickly to share everything with your colleagues and mates like I’m doing?

You have the solution right in front of you!

I did my blog with pelican, and I host it on github.

Now let’s me explain to you how to do it. It’s gonna be a very simple tutorial. Most of it come from here.

First of all create git repository on github for your user pages. To do so, create a repository with this url :


Clone it in your project directory, and you can start creating your blog now with pelican.

Which tools do I need ?

To setup a skeleton quickly of a pelican you can execute in a bash this command:


After answering all the question, you have your skeleton.

Pelican will search in the “content” directory and put the output in the “output” directory.

Great, let’s start!

So you can write your first post in “content/”:

Title: First Post
Date: 2013-10-16 23:10
Category: sysadmin
Tags: aRkadeFR
Slug: first-post-url
Author: aRkadeFR
Summary: This is such a beautiful first post

Change me , please change me !

Now that you have your first post in markdown syntax, pelican will generate your blog :)

pelican content -o output -s

You can see the output in the “output” directory. You need to feed git to track these new files :

git add -- output/\* content/\*

Now let’s just give git the output directory in the gh-pages branch. There is ghp-import for that !

ghp-import output

And to finish, publish it to your git repository.

git push<user>/<user> gh-pages:master

That’s it ? YES !

You can see the result of your pelican blog on your url :