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The difference between the operator precedence among the languages are huge. Even if you think of it as a minor problem, it will blow up in your face every once in a while.

I switch between Perl and Python very often, and I find myself comfortable with both.

But I got tricked by Perl and its operator precedence. Let’s look at the facts:

perl> my $test = 0 or 1; print "test = ".$test."\n";
test = 0

perl> my $test = (0 or 1); print "test = ".$test."\n";
test = 1

Now look at the differences with python:

In [1]: test = 0 or 1; print("test = %i" % test)
test = 1

In [1]: test = (0 or 1); print("test = %i" % test)
test = 1

Apart from the fact that it’s not very intuitive the operator precedence in Perl, you should definitely double check the operator precedence of the language you’re programming on.