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If you’re new to templatetags, please read the documentation. And how the documentation on custom templatetags.

Template tags are boring. DRY

Template tags are boring to write, you have a context, and you either need to change it or render a string to your template. Most of the time, these templatetags can be completely generic.

Example my dear ?

The only one in the package so far is ‘url_change_param’. Which take the current request.path and the current querydict to return the exact same one except you can add or change a value to the querydict.

This is pretty awesome when you have a paginated page, with multiple params like ‘page_size’, ‘page’, ‘filter_XX’ etc. And you need to change only the page number :)

State of the art of the package

Brand new package, but already available on the Cheese Shop thanks to setuptools :) you can read the documentation on pythonhosted.

I would be extremely happy if you contribute to the package. Please ask for git pull on the github project.