Django templatetags and DRY

common templatetags reusable over apps

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Handling generic exceptions

django-exceptions is a Pip package to use for handling exceptions to not throw a 500 error to the client by redirecting or rendering a template.

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Quick review making django working with heroku

After being tired of doing some sysadmin, I chose to migrate to heroku.

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Django application Debian packaging for deployment

Django deployment can be easy with Debian packages.

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Gitolite to manage git repositories

quick installation of gitolite and manage your repositories

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Infrastructure for LXC container for Django web application

setup LXC container for dev/staging/prod with Django web framework

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PyCon 2014, reviews of the videos

After a bit more than a week watching all the videos that interested me (basically the Django, Python Core and others) I offer you a quick review of my favorite one

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What are the globals variables and how to use them ?

global variable can be very handy, but there's couple of gotcha before using them

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Language operator precendence aren't the same, gotcha!

Changing of language can be painful, especially for the operator precedence.

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Setting up your pelican blog for free on github

Setting up your pelican for free on github

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